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Back again

…at home, after a really lovely weekend in JHB. It was a flying visit. We arrived late on Thursday night and left yesterday lunchtime, so aside from our visas and a few prearranged appointments, not much else got done!

We arrived after a slight delay in our flight, and after a quick zoot on the Gautrain, we hit Sandton, collected our hire car and off we went to my brother’s home. After a quick dinner, it was early to bed because in the morning it was visa facilitation centre time. They had called me on Thursday afternoon to say that they couldn’t help us on Friday, because they were off line, but once I explained that we were flying in, they made a plan to assist us anyway. The process was fairly straightforward, and from arriving , getting through security (I had to unpack my handbag, I’m convinced it was the bag clasp that kept alarming, but it was rather mortifying – tampons, make up, painkillers…) taking photos, handing in papers, getting a refund because they had overcharged me, to fingerprints and out the door took an hour, which really wasn’t so rough. From there, because it is just across the road, we headed into Sandton City for a lovely brunch and coffee. There wasn’t much time for shopping that day, but I managed to find some cool  cookie cutters and a few odds and sods at the baking shop. The rest of the day was spent in a haze of heavy metal tinted ink acquisition…

I was really impressed with myself, in that I got a run in every day while I was in JHB . Not very fast mind you, because damnit, that air up there is thin, at one stage, running up a hill, my heart rate hit 240! I thought I was going to pass out, but I didn’t, and really actually enjoyed the runs. My brother is a great coach (and herder) and ran with me, accommodating my slow pace. On Sunday morning I got to meet his running group, and we had a good run, and a great cappuccino afterwards; a great practice that I think we should adopt!

The weekend also reiterated for me how much I love, love, love JHB! If I had to live anywhere else, I think this would be it. On Saturday afternoon there was a huge thunderstorm – the world got dark, the rumblings began, the lightening flashes started, huge big raindrops that pummelled down. Loved that! I also love how in the evenings it cools down, and in the mornings there is a crispness to the air that we really don’t experience much on the coast (although saying that, it was bloody crisp at 17 degrees this morning with a smattering of rain, when I went for my run at 05h00!). I know there are pros and cons to any city, but I love it up there!

I promise some photos tomorrow!

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  Alexandra wrote @

Glad you enjoyed the weekend in my home town 😉

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