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….I am so frustrated at the moment! Eskom, mosquitoes, missed runs!!!!

Ok, so yesterday, as the entire country already knows, Eskom rolled out phase 2 load shedding yesterday, which meant, my previously very protected little home enclave had 2 sessions of no power! Previously my suburb was very sheltered – we are on the same line as the sewerage works, and obviously it isn’t ideal if that goes out, this time round though, there is no mercy! Argh! So there we sat, both Charlie and I had power dependant work to do, supper was half cooked and the mosquitoes started buzzing in my ears. Argh!!! At least my electronic devices were charged for some playing.

Then this morning I set my alarm for my run at 05h00, it went off at 04h35, I groaned and rolled out of bed. got dressed, had a quick yoghrt and was about to jump into my car when there was an ominous rumble from my tummy… a quick pit stop in the bathroom, and I was off again, only to arrive to a deserted parking lot at 05h02… No runners in sight, so I knew I couldn’t wing it and try to catch up to them. It was too dark, and it’s a tad dangerous to do run on your own in that darkness. Anyway, so home I went…  Grrr! I will do my damnedest to get my run in this evening, but I’m just annoyed!

And now I have forgotten to drink my coffee, and it has gotten cold – oh well, iced coffee anyone?


  runnermum wrote @

Ohhh that rumble at inconvenient times!

I hope you catch up with the running.

  charliesbird wrote @

and as I pressed enter on that post, pop went the power!

  MamaCat wrote @

There are those days. My aim this year is to not let these things bother me so much. Learning to drink cold coffee and tea it’d something I’ve learned to do. Hope the rest of your day turns out better.

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