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It’s Friday!

….yippeeeeee! It’s been a long week, it’s been a busy week. The weekend will be fairly busy too, but, I hope it’s going to be fun. Tonight we are going to a Lebanese evening at one of the local B&Bs. It’s being catered by a dear old friend of mine – he was actually mine and my parent’s hairdresser for years until he left for Australia for 8 years. He’s back now, is a very accomplished cook, and the menu promises to be divine!

Then after I do a 10km run tomorrow morning, we are off to the beach house for a bit of R&R. The weather is gorgeous today, hope it holds for the rest of the weekend. A long run on Sunday morning and then some watching of the iron people doing that crazy, crazy triathlon. I will do some kitchen experimenting this weekend, and catch up on my missing recipes. (I did say I was not going to put unnecessary pressure on myself, so bear with me if I am not totally consistent with the recipe postings). Saying that I did make banting pizza last night, with a few tweaks, I’ve perfected my recipe, but flip it’s rich and I find I cannot eat very much of it.

Have glorious fun filled weekends everybody!

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  MamaCat wrote @

Enjoy your weekend. Hope you get the rest you need.

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