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… so it’s that time of the year where everyone is talking resolutions, whether they make them or don’t? If they do, whether they will stick to them and all that kinda jazz. And I am prepared for the Year of the Body 7. 2014 was my first successful Year of the Body, but this year will be the challenge, to maintain and improve on my gains made last year. However, that is a bit of an ongoing project, so not much of a new resolution.

So this year, I am going to work hard at decluttering my living areas. I hope to tackle one room at a time, week by week and sort out, toss out and tidy up. Fix and repair what must be fixed and get some clarity over where everything should live. Now one of the things I battle to get rid of is my old cooking magazines. It freaks Charlie out, because I have so many, one of my book cases is threatening to collapse under the weight of them. So they are under  severe decluttering threat. But what I think is a great idea is if I promise to cook one new meal a week, from one of my horde of cooking magazines, write about it, and then toss the book away. (filing the recipe, of course) I hope you will enjoy the culinary journey with me! I won’t commit to a specific day, because I don’t want to be pressured, but once a week, a new recipe will appear!

So what were all your resolutions?

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  runnermum wrote @

Can’t wait to see the recipes. My resolution is simple but I started in October already. Decluttering in all aspects, material, social, professional etc. Two examples: every time somebody irritate me on fb, I defriend them, and I’m not buying any toiletries until my bathroom cupboards are empty. Next step will be to set down some rules for the domestic worker, she can’t work from 7 – 7. I need my house to myself.

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