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Running review!

…so I decided to do some sums today – I wanted to see how many km’s I had run this year. I’m quite impressed with myself!

January 2014 – 48km

February 2014 – 83km

March 2014 – 109.5km

April 2014 – 94.5km

May 2014 – 71km

June 2014 – 132km

July 2014 – 100km

August 2014 – 167km

September 2014 – 130km

October 2014 – 108km

November 2014 – 65.5km

December 2014 – 94km

which gives a grand total of 1196.5km! No wonder I needed new running shoes!

I am about to head off for my first run of 2015. See you later!



  runnermum wrote @

Well done Charlie! I did some sums about running yesterday but the other way around. I ran 12km’s yesterday, which means I have to do at least another 988km’s before Comrades! Sob sob sob.

  Running review | Charlie's Bird wrote @

[…] Giving a grand total of 1380.5km! (which is 184km further than last years total of 1196.5km!) (if you’d like to see last years – […]

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