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2014 in review

… so lets do this thing, and review 2014. It’s been a tough year. I have seen tremendous highs, agonizing losses; learnt a lot about myself, and those around me  gained friends, lost some too. It has been a year of hard work.

My main goals and ambitions this year were personal, I set about loosing some weight, getting fit and healthy, and I did that! Loosing about 16kgs, running 5 half marathons, 3 of them trail runs. My most recent health checks have been all good! Saying that, my journey is not yet complete.

I experienced some breath taking things – not least of which is the daily journey my daughter takes me on. Watching her grow and develop this year has been incredible. She has so enjoyed her time at playschool, made lots of friends and is growing into a kind and sweet little girl. It has been awesome seeing things through her eyes – Table Mountain and its dassies, ziplining, her excitement over Christmas and all it meant. Just wonderful.

Above all, this year has taught me that I am nothing if not tenacious (Gee, wonder where Thandi gets that stubborn streak from) I set my mind to my goals, and I chased them. I probably offended some people and friends along the way, and I am quite sad that the year did become quite a solitary one for me. But I plumbed some of my depths, and I think that was good. I started the year very down and in fact, depressed. I was determined to run and eat myself healthy, and I largely did. My darkness looms large every now and again – it’s looming again, despite the fact that I have so many blessings…

My wish for all of us this coming year is that we all find our happiness, our joy. And that we find it within ourselves. I know things and people can’t make me happy, I alone am responsible for that. It’s a huge responsibility, because so many people rely on me to be well adjusted and functioning well, but it is mine alone. I hope you also find that joy in this coming year.




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  runnermum wrote @

What a lovely post Charlie. This December was obviously a time of introspection, not just for you.

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