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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Introducing Mungo

…so for my South African readers, who may not be as familiar with the elf on the shelf concept, let me summarise. Santa is one busy guy, and he finds it hard to keep an eye on all the children, so he sends his scout elves out into the world, they come and settle in your home, and keep an eye on the children, watching them through the day, and flying back to Santa with a report in the night, using their magic. Every morning it is great fun to see what the elf has gotten up to in the night. There is one rule, and that is that you are not allowed to touch the elf during the day, because then he looses his magic and cannot fly back to Santa and tell him what presents you asked for.

This year was the first year I introduced Mungo to Thandi. It worked extremely well, to keep her in line through the day – “Mungo is watching, he’ll tell Father Christmas if you don’t bath/wash hair/don’t listen/don’t pick up your toys etc…” And I have to say it was fun finding all sorts of different things for him to get up to

We started with Mungo arriving in Thandi’s Christmas stocking


The next night we had our Christmas cocktail party, and Mungo got stuck into the wine


He then decided to hang out with the Bride and Groom cake toppers


Night 4 had him migrate to the freezer, and get stuck into the ice cream (It reminds him of the North Pole, you see) 032

Then things got a bit PG, with him getting caught hot tubbing with Rosetta, naughty elf! 015

He then decided to practice him gymnastics and was swinging in the Christmas tree.


He high jumped the other mini Christmas tree (or is that more of a pommel horse manoeuvre?)


He also decided to pinch Jesse’s (the toy story cow girl) hat, and came in riding the reindeer, with a bag of sweeties for Thandi.


Nearing the end of his stay, he tried some fishing above the TV, Discovery channel was on! 033

And for his grand finale, he strummed a few tunes on the guitar, and because Thandi had been such a good girl, Santa let him bring a night before Christmas pressie for her – in it were 2 story books, some socks and the cutest Santa slippers!


We made some good magic for the girl!


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Finally I see how it works. I read about this in other blogs, but could not work it out. I am definitely giving this a try. It is so sweet.

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