Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

What a Run

056 …oh my word! That was the toughest run I have ever undertaken. It came very close to breaking me. Beautiful, incredible, but so so hard. The run started on Saturday morning – cool, cloudy, overcast, and stayed that way for quite a while. When the sun came out though, it got hot. Fortunately there was a cooling breeze, and for a lot of the run, we were under the canopy of the forest, saying that, the weather was the least of my woes. The run started nicely. The first 3 km were great, then we started an impossibly steep climb up to Kettlespout waterfall. The path was wet, muddy and slippery! A recipe for disaster! I made it up in one piece then entered a nice section of relatively easy running. We then started a long climb up one of the mountains, and round the other side of it – slow and tough! After a beautiful section through a working forestry plantation, with the sound of the Piet-my-vrou shouting at us, we started what I thought was our descent. Except it wasn’t. It went down a bit, then up a bit, down a bit, up a bit. And then finally, 3km from the finish, I started what I thought wold be the downhill all the way down to the end. I texted Charlie to say expect me in in about 20 minutes, and relaxed for the final descent. Except it wasn’t.

060At the sight of this hill, I was soooo frustrated, I was even heard to curse. This monster hill at 19km was almost my undoing, except then I hit the steepest slipperiest downhill, into a beautiful forest section, except by then I was too tired and ‘moedeloos’ to enjoy it. I really thought it was never going to end, and even had a weep. By this stage I could see no other people around me, so I was getting a bit nervous that I had taken a wrong turn, but I kept seeing the race markers, so I knew I had to keep going. Despairing that I would ever exit the forest, finally I could hear people and cars, and I popped out of that damn forest into the hikers’ parking lot, to find my friend Mike waiting for me, and he coached me through the last 500m home. I was so exhausted, my battery was flat, I was all out of gas. But I made it, and Thandi ran out, grabbed my hand and crossed the line with me. Alleluhah!

The rest of the weekend was spent filling my soul tank. We worked on the plot, the girls built fairy houses and helped the dads building a fire pit, clearing trees and finding a Christmas tree! So cool spending time with special friends, who love the mountain as much as we do!

137 138   074 109 131

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  runnermum wrote @

Wish I could join you on that run, sounds amazing.

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