Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Rainy day

…what is it about the rain that turns people into idiots on the road? Let me clarify, what is it about rain that turns people into bigger idiots than usual on the road? Argh! It didn’t really help that I was 5 minutes off my schedule today either.

I do love the rain. This morning I was really tired, after another late night working on crafty things – 2 tablecloths cut out (still need sewing); some cross stitching done, after I organised all my cottons and a woollies online order, while lying in bed before lights out – and when I heard that rain this morning, I desperately wanted to close my eyes and snuggle down.  I would pay good money to do that right now! Anyway, 6 hours of work to get through, another session with Gusto, the personal trainer, and maybe I can doze for half an hour before a little Christmas gathering tonight.

The weekend will be good! We’re entertaining some old friends who we haven’t seen for ages tomorrow, Thandi has a birthday party to go to, and I have lots of crafts to do. A few runs too! Looking forward to some time off.

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