Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Summer musings

…ok, so this weekend firmly marked summer’s arrival. It was hot! Our aircon in our bedroom at home has given p the ghost, and we are waiting for the new one to be installed, so it was a hot and sticky couple of nights. Thandi turned the corner healthwise, and even though she is still coughing a bit, she hasn’t had a temperature since Thursday, so getting there. I am feeling much better, and Charlie, although still hacking up a lung (I blame his history of smoking for that) is also recovering. Yay! Peace in the nest. And we need our strength, because December is here and the fun and games are beginning!

The weekend was fine. I was on call, and had one of the quietest ones in memory. I felt well enough to get a run in and did 10km yesterday. I am still pooping myself about a half marathon in the mountains in 2 weeks, but I’ll take it easy and enjoy the views! It wasn’t the easiest 10km yesterday given that I hadn’t run in like almost 10 days, but it felt soooo good to get out there and get some fresh air!

Saturday saw Thandi at a children’s party in the morning, then in the evening we took my parents out to celebrate my dad’s 77th Birthday! Happy Birthday Pops! We had a delicious meal at a restaurant we don’t often go to, and then were home for an early night. Yesterday we had a late supper/early dinner fish braai with our German friends. What a gorgeous (although windy) afternoon. The girls swam, we roasted in the sun and then ate a flipping delicious meal! Life was sweet!

Anyway, Monday is starting to chase me already! Best I get to it.

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