Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

The weekend what was

…is done. It was eventful, quite busy towards the end of it, and fairly successful.

The Halloween Trail Run was great fun, we ended up doing 2.5km, Thandi was flagging and needed the loo, so we finished our run and headed home, only to hear that they had looked for us at prize giving for a best dressed award. Oh well! We’ll do it again next year. The atmosphere was fun, and we got to explore an area within a nearby green belt, in fact, spitting distance from our house, that we didn’t really know existed. Great fun!

Saturday was an on-the-go kinda day, work, a coffee date and a bit more work.

Sunday I ran another 10km race, which went well. I started out probably a bit fast, and found the going very very hot, but managed my pb! Yay! So in a year, we’ve gone from 83min to 68min to 59min to 57min now. Yay! 26 minutes down in a year! Which really is quite an achievement. Anyway, the day rapidly evolved into a work day, with a long slow delivery that took up most of the rest of the morning, a few patients to see at the rooms and then another delivery in the early hours of this morning, groan! And now it’s Monday, time to knuckle down!

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