Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Colourful Day

What fun the Colour my run was! We undertook the 5km jog/walk/flat out sprint with Thandi and our German friends, what a hoot! For those who haven’t heard about the Colour my Run, it is loosely based on the Hindu Holi festival, you run 5km and at each km mark you are showered with food grade powder paint. It was such a blast and the girls loved it! The excitement and anticipation of each colour station, which colour was coming next; oh so happy! We did have a few melt downs, 5km in the afternoon (when we have just dropped our afternoon nap) is a tough one for a nearly 3 and a ½ year old, but she coped well, finished in 58mintes, which was quicker than her park run, and we had fun! 033 037 I am ever grateful that T and I wore wigs (I’m in the purple one) because Charlie is still dealing with his stained scalp! And our clothes are now a dull pinky grey colour – ugh! Oh well, a couple more washes and hopefully they fade a little!

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