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No more

…sleeps!!!!!!!! Today, after my last patient at 12, the holiday begins. I cannot wait! I am shattered because last night I was p finalising things for my cousin’s 40th, look what I made for him IMG_7757

They are far from perfect, but they are cute, hey! He is a beer fanatic, so I really hope he enjoys them – milk stout cake inside too! It was alwys going to be a finicky job when you have to bake the cake, cut it up, then ice. It wold have been easy if I have had a mould for it. And if I had started before 21h00 last night. And if I’d slept the night before that. Oh well…  Overcommitted me! I also made him some champagne jelly shots, hope he enjoys it all!

Anyway, my peeps, I must be off now, must work, dot my i’s and cross my t’s. I will check in again when I can! Stay safe, have fun! Smooches to you all!

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  MamaCat wrote @

Wow. That is such a lovely and thoughtful gift. Hope you are having fun and a well deserved break

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