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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Weekend Round Up

…it’s Monday, and I know by lunchtime the weekend will have worn off, but hey, it was a good one.

Friday went a little pear shaped with me having 2 patients in labour at the end of the day, and my commitment is that I will stick around until you are delivered if I am not on call (I’ve only not done that twice, and still feel guilty!), so there I was, stuck in the trenches on Friday evening. Fortunately everyone was delivered by 19h00,  (Connor and Saja) so then it was onto pizza and wine with friends. Yay!

Saturday dawned bright and early for the Parkrun. We decided to take T along and our friends TJ and her daughter Charlotte also came along. Wow! I am so impressed that those little girls managed 5km! Thandi had a few rides on shoulders, but still managed to run at the end. What a big girl! IMG_7689-0

After a shower, it was time to head to a Parent and Child Expo being held at one of our shopping centres. Of course the faces had to be painted – here is my beautiful butterfly fairy and her friend, Becksy. IMG_7698-0 A well deserved nap and a quiet Saturday evening were just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday I headed out early for a long run. It was a gorgeous morning, but the wind was threatening to pump, so I am glad I went early, when it was gusting later in the day. It was a great run. I ran slowly, easy and had lots of time to think and process. Nice. Then it was a lunch date with friends and family. What a lovely relaxed day it turned into. Thandi had decided she wasn’t going to have her midday nap, until after Charlotte and Jared (her cousin) had left, which meant that by 18h00 the wheels were falling off, and by 18h30 we were passed out on my lap… precious girl!IMG_7699-0


  MamaCat wrote @

I think I have mentioned before how different it is to see the doctor’s perspective.
Your girl is beautiful

  charliesbird wrote @

Thank you, I’m biased, but have to agree!

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