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Wet, wet, wet!

…and no, I’m not referring to the band from the 80’s! My goodness, it has rained and poured here this weekend. Starting on Saturday night, with strong winds and heavy rain, it is glorious! I am, as ever, grateful I have a roof and 4 strong walls around me.

The weekend was good, I ran my PB on a 10km – 59minutes, and when I consider my progress, I am blown away! In January, I ran a 10km in 83 minutes, in April I ran 68 minutes and then on Saturday 59 minutes. That is 24minutes faster than Jan and 9 less then April. Can I hear you cheer! And at this point I must thank my coach, family and friends – I sound a bit like an Oscar winner, don’t I? But I could not have done it without Coach Mo’s programme, Charlie’s support and care, my nurse’s leg massages and the friends that have run with me (and I know I have held them back). Legends, the lot of you!

Anyway, the weekend was cold and windy, I worked, it wasn’t too bad, and that’s really the sum of it.

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  MamaCat wrote @

Good on you for your great achievement. You deserve a big part on the back

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