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Life lessons

…today was going to be a happy post – a post about Thandi going to school in her new ‘scrubs’ and the frivolous plans for the weekend. But it’s not.

A dear friend – Em’s mommy – has just learnt that her son, still in utero, at 36+ weeks has passed away. Devastated does not begin to describe it. Heart shattering moments… How does one carry on after this – a long history of infertility, a spontaneous pregnancy, almost there, days away from meeting him… It’s times like this that make me doubt this God of mercy and love everyone talks about… I just wish I could make it better, turn back the clock… It’s too much to take in…

Em’s Mommy, Daddy and Em – I wish I could make it better, I’m so so sorry. I sit here with tears streaming down my face, with love in my heart. I wish distance didn’t separate us, so I could climb into my car and come to you, now in this time of need. I have no words, only love.

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  runnermum wrote @

Hugs Charlie, there are no words that can make this better. And yes I hear you about the doubt, but somewhere somehow it may be a Message to somebody.

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