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Something strange

…happens to me when I run in a group. I experienced it again this morning, when I went for an early morning run with one of the running groups. It was a hill training session, so I knew it was going to be hard, but it seems like I become a dithering wreck within the group. Now this morning I didn’t know anyone in the group, which I guess makes it tough, but I started out well and ended well. But somewhere in the middle my brain got the better of me, and I nearly quit. I was at the back of the pack, felt like I deserved to be there (because I am hopeless, you know), but I know I can do better – I can run harder and faster, but I seem to loose that self belief when I am in a group… It’s weird, almost as though my brain self sabotages me… The psychology of running… My brain – my biggest asset, my worst enemy… I’m just not sure how I am going to overcome that negative shouting happening in my head during these next 2 weeks. I’m following my training programme, I know I can finish, but… Somehow I did beat the brain when I ran Knysna, but I’m feeling far off what I was back then. Oy…

Have I mentioned before that it is hard living with my brain?


  runnermum wrote @

No no no no! Don’t allow your brain to get the better of you. You ran a brilliant time at Knysna and you are training hard.

Don’t feel bad about being at the back of the pack of runners – I’m always at the back BUT at Comrades I passed almost all of those fast runners and finished before them.

You are strong and you are capable.

  charliesbird wrote @

Thanks, I’m really trying to get my head to believe in me!

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