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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Weekend in the bush

….ah, what a good, life-giving weekend it was. Loved the time off!

So Friday afternoon Charlie, Thandi and I headed off to a game ranch near the local university town. We left home in a howling gale, and we arrived there in a howling gale. Ugh. Anyway, we arrived at 17h00, in time for a decent G&T! Our German friends were already there, and so our weekend began. We relaxed in the lodge with our hosts, who are the most delightful folks. After Thandi and Charlotte had  played up a storm, they were run through the bath, and then bedded down, before we sat down to our dinner. We tucked into some delicious venison, and relaxed over a great meal. After an early night, with that gale continuing to howl, Charlie, M and I went for a run over the farm – it was freezing! After a hot shower and breakfast, we headed off to look at the sables on the farm – they have a breeding programme – wow, they are beautiful antelope! The farm is in the midst of a winter drought, and rather desperate for some rain, so they are feeding the sable at the moment to supplement the very meagre grazing.024 A game drive, lunch, a nap and another spectacular dinner ended Saturday. Sunday dawned cool and overcast with smatterings of rain, which M and I got caught in during our run. We made it to an animal shelter, waited a few minutes, there seemed to be no real change in the rain, so we bucked up and made it home, Frozen again! After breakfast the girls went for a long horse ride (or horse walk, I should clarify). They had such fun! Look at the smiles! 032 030 037

And then it was home time… 039 Evidence of an awesome weekend!

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  runnermum wrote @

What a great weekend! I love it when the kids pass out like that in the car! Zoe gets very angry at me when I took pictures of her when she sleeps like that.

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