Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Celebration recap

…and a good celebration was had last night. I made it home early-ish, so Charlie and I went for a trot to test out his new garmin watch, but he had set some weird and wonderful things on it, so after 2 minutes, it started bleeping telling him he had hit the upper heart rate limit he had set, which drove us crazy, so after another 2 minutes of not being able to figure it out, he turned off the heart rate option, and we enjoyed a pleasant run together. As we got home friends and family popped in for drinks, which was really nice; and then we headed to tapas bar for dinner. I just have to say that it is incredible how our tastes and habits have changed over the last 8 months. Last night we shared 8 tapas, and even that was actually too much, (previously it would have been double that!) I had 1 glass of wine, which was probably also too much, and some coffee, which totally pushed me over the edge! How my body is changing!

Anyway, I am full of yawns today, I am tired, and tired of feeling tired. The weekend cannot come soon enough!

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  charlie wrote @

Yahey for the weekend ! looking fwd to it very very muchly !
enjoyed that little trot last night , we do again soon 🙂

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