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Running and running!

…crikey, it has been busy! Between work, and quite a few patients just needing extra time and attention this week, I have run late every day! I feel like I might just catch up by Tuesday next week! 3 deliveries so far this week, so not like I’ve been stuck in labour ward, it has all been in the rooms. Run, run, run!

Anyway, so yesterday I went for my first run since the trail run. I had intended a run on Tuesday evening, but 3 things stopped me – I got home after dark firstly, my nurse is a sport massage therapist on the side, and she had given my legs a rub, and they were very tender… and then, there’s that damn blister! I eventually popped into my neighbour’s office on Tuesday afternoon – he is a plastic surgeon, and I reckoned if anyone knew how to get it sorted out, dressed and on the way to recovery, it would be him. Although I did feel like such a faker – popping into the plastic surgeon for a blister. But, even he was impressed with it! So he gave me some advice, dressed it, and sent me on my way, but man, it is still sore – it aches and burns, and is still all wet and oozy – yugh! I really hope it gets batter fast. It was bearable during my run yesterday, and once I stopped focussing on it, it faded into minor irritation levels; so I think I’ll manage my next trail run, but I think it’s going to be with me for some time! Gross! This afternoon I am supposed to find some stairs to run – heaven help my quads!



  runnermum wrote @

Ohh enjoy your stair running – always great fun – I do it at the stadium – stairs, 100m’s rest, 100m fast, stairs and repeat!

I’m no expert but I ignore blisters completely – I don’t pop them and after a while they either pop themselves or the dry skin just peels off. And then you have nice hard skin that is resistant to blisters!

And yes I have ugly feet and I don’t go for pedicures because they take away all the hard skin that I worked so hard to cultivate! 🙂

And whatever you do, don’t extract the fluid and replace with michurocrome (sp?) – that was the worst pain in my life!

  MamaCat wrote @

If I think about all the complaints we have about doctors who keep us waiting in the rooms and now I see the other side of the coin.
Good Luck with the blister, it sounds nasty and sore.

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