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A sporting chance

…so this weekend was a sporting one! Between a Parkrun on Saturday morning and the trail run yesterday, I am almost all run out.

So Saturday Charlie ran his first Parkrun – it was also my first one at this particular local venue – we have 3 nearby! I stuck close by him, and we had a really enjoyable run! I loved it. We ran an improved time on our last 5km trail run, although this one was in the day! It is a stunning run, great views, well supported and organised, and a heap of fun! I am so impressed with Charlie’s dedication and determination – you rock, my love!

That was the good!

Next up was the 22km trail run I did yesterday, with MJ, Bird2 and her boyf. Crikey, it was hard! Much tougher than I had expected, and I struggled! We started on a beach, ran on softish sand for 5km, then started climbing single tracks (getting stuck behind walkers is damn frustrating, throwing your momentum off – apologies to the walkers!) Then it was swim across a river, back onto a rocky shore, before a mammoth climb, followed by a rapid descent, and another MFH*, then a long trek across a sandy beach again, up a pipetrack, around a lighthouse, and along a dirt road to another seaside resort. I really struggled to find my rhythm, you know when the legs just work, the lungs don’t burn and running feels good. Today, every step was really hard work, really hard. But I slogged on and finished. I’m a bit bleak about my time, 3 hours 10 min, but I think it gives an idea over how tough the course was. I also had to remind myself that my surgery was only 2 and a bit weeks ago, so maybe it was actually ok. I almost bailed at 14 km, but decided to push on, and I’m glad I did – it was character building…

So that was the sort of bad, and this this was the really ugly…


My I♥trailrunning blister. arrived at 4kms, and hurt like hell for the next 18!

So how were all your weekends?

* Mother F*&%ing Hill


  runnermum wrote @

Remember that a trail run is about 50% longer than a road run in terms of time and difficulty so your time is really not bad.

I love the MFH! Never thought of it like that.

  MJ wrote @

This blister is disgusting yet well deserved!

  Alexandra wrote @

Did my first Parkrun two weeks ago – okay I walked it – I’m not a runner – and did my second this weekend past. Just wanted to let you know because this is where I first heard of it. Would have done it sooner if I’d known walking was an option 😉

  charliesbird wrote @

Awesome! And so your journey begins!

  Alexandra wrote @

that it does thanks to you 🙂

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