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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

What we did then!

…so on Friday evening, Charlie and I set off to our local farmer’s market, and registered for the first of a series of night trail runs. Yes, even Charlie came along, in his running shoes, ready to tootle along 5km through the farmlands, in the dark. It was a momentous day – Charlie has always said he’d only run if something was chasing him, and on Friday night, there was nothing (except a few other runners) chasing him!

The requirement for the run was a torch or headlamp of sorts, because it really was dark, we hit the trail at 18h15, and the sun had long set. The trail was marked with glow in the dark arrows, and off we went, a string of torch carrying runners trailing through the farmlands. It was quite tough, I have to admit, running in the dark on a route that you don’t know is quite disorientating. I found that I was really dependant on my own headlight and with Charlie ahead of me (he set the pace), his torch light too. There was very little in the way of other lighting, until we made our way back to the market, and being a single track trail, it took a lot of concentration not to break our necks (or even just ankles!) I used lots of stabilizing muscles I didn’t even know I had!

Anyway, it was great fun, I loved every moment of the run, and I loved, loved, loved that my Charlie did it with me! He was a champion, doing far better than I would have with only a month of trotting to my name, I guess the army taught those boys something about endurance! I am so proud of the boy! Ad now, we are already preparing for the next one – park run next weekend, and then I’ll be tackling a 22km trail run on Sunday, and the next night run on 15 August.  Have I mentioned I am loving the running at the moment, loving being fit and healthier! Loving life!


  MamaCat wrote @

It is great to see such a positive post. Enjoy it all and look forward.

  runnermum wrote @

Well done Birdie and Charlie!

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