Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…so this last little while I have faced some challenges – at work, at home, in some of my relationships. I’m beginning to think that there must be something I do to make my life difficult, but hey, can’t always have a “woe is me” kinda attitude. So this weekend, Thandi had a 4 hour tantrum, over some porridge that she didn’t want to eat… 4 Hours over 5 spoons of porridge! I eventually lost my temper and left the house in a total huff, leaving Thandi and Charlie to sort it all out. By the time I had sobbed my heart out on the boardwalk and returned home, the porridge was eaten, she was dressed and everyone was calmer. I was shattered by the events. I always knew my girl was tenacious, but seriously, 4 HOURS! ARGH!!!

We had sent to her room, to sit on the naughty chair, but I think she eventually didn’t mind the exclusions. Either Charlie or I popped in every 4 minutes to find out if she was ready to apologise and eat her porridge, and she kept saying, no! She then started asking when I walked in if I was coming to apologise to her and tell her I loved her? She told Charlie that she wasn’t ready, after about 2 hours, and that she ‘needed some more time to calm down’. There are no flies on this kid, I tell you! After my little meltdown and my sheepish return to the house, I apologised to Charlie and her, and Charlie just gave me a big hug and said it was ok, I’d just lost my rag, I was human, and that was ok, apology accepted. Thandi peered up at me at that point and asked if I’d found my rag? I could only smile, with the tears streaming down my face.

But seriously, I hope this is only a rare occurrence, because if she becomes more defiant, more frequently, I might never find my rag again! How do you all deal with these moments? I felt like a terrible parent…


  runnermum wrote @

Ohhh Charlie – it happens – I’ve ran many km’s with tears streaming down my face and talking to myself because of Zoe’s antics – ungratefulness, head strong, etc etc. So you are most definitely not alone – just be grateful that you are not a single parent that you can share the “burden” with Charlie.

Lots of hugs and don’t feel bad.

  MamaCat wrote @

We all feel like terrible parents in these situations. I am practicing letting go and I try to talk myself through these tantrums.
I like to to put it into the big picture and think if 5 spoons of porridge is that important to fight over?

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