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3 more sleeps

..until I get to Knysna. 4 more sleeps until the half marathon. Yes, I can; yes, I can; yes, I can. Please God, I can!

Anyway, so I have been planning our weekend. I think I am going to be doing a little cooking before we go – so we don’t have to worry once we are there; a lunch is booked for Saturday; there is talk of a massage at Pezula or somewhere, and that is as far as I have gotten. And once we have relaxed through Sunday, it is time to prepare for part 2 of my week away from the office.

Some of my friends IRL know this already, but I haven’t said much yet here. About 2 months go my Fertility doctor was in town. We had a chat and a check up, and he (as I already knew he would) has decided I need further surgery. There has been a cystic mass on my right ovary (the same one that had the haematoma last year) which he suspects could be a recurrence of my endometriosis or adhesions; and my uterus has enlarged, so he wants to check things out, clean up my insides, so I can at least function with less pain on a daily basis and improve my quality of life. I’ve slowly been watching these thing in my tummy and knew, without any doubt, that I would need surgery. I kept hoping things would improve, but they haven’t. So instead of a week’s holiday and nice road trip through the Baviaanskloof, a trip to the neighbouring city and a general anaesthetic are on the cards for me! I guess after this we will also have the very realistic chat about any further attempts at IVF, which I know is an ever diminishing opportunity as I age. This is going to happen next week Tuesday, so wish me luck.


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  runnermum wrote @

Good luck on your run
Good luck with the op
Good luck with fertility treatment choices
Lots of hugs

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