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Weekend workings

…crikey, it ticked over this weekend! I am loathe to say busy, ‘coz that really is like tempting the gods to curse me with a really hectic weekend! But, it ticked on over – seeing plenty of emergencies at the beginning of the day, trips to theatre for emergency surgery, going out every night to see an emergency admission, and then my personal favourite, 2 deliveries after midnight this morning! It’s going to be a long week…

Anyway, enough of that. How is this weather? I am loving the cold! Yay! After moaning on Friday, it’s cool and crisp and gorgeous! But how it changed over the weekend was quite something. Friday evening was HOT! I got called out at midnight, and the temperature driving to the hospital was 25°C, then when I got called out Saturday night at 22h00, it was down to 15°C. Sunday morning, just before 08h00, it was 10°C, and this morning on way in 8°C! Quite a transformation. I was a bit sad we couldn’t sneak off to the mountain for a night to really embrace the chilliness, but hey. Next time!

The running has been ticking over. I still am vey anxious about this run, but gotta just put my head down and do it! I have little understanding of my body, and I can’t really tell you what I expect to run it in. I keep just reverting back to the very negative thought process of ‘I hope I finish and don’t make an idiot of myself.’ And really, I know I should be moving beyond that. I have trained well ( I think, maybe I’ve just been fooling myself?) and I feel stronger than any previous attempts… Oh well, I will see. And talking about training etc… I really seem to have plateaued rather dramatically on the weight loss front – I haven’t really lost much in the last 2 months. I think it corresponds to when I started drinking some wine and it hasn’t even been that much. We are still largely sticking to LCHF, although I have probably gone from 30gm of carbohydrates a day to about 50gm… Time to get serious again! Gotta keep counting those calories!

Anyway, before I dissolve into a sorry for myself fest again, let’s do some work! Have a warm Monday, wherever you are!


  runnermum wrote @

You’ll be fine on the run – remember your times are always better in a race than when you run solo – the atmosphere and your fellow runners carry you on. You’ll be fine – and remmber cut off is 3 hours – plenty time!

Goodness why do babies always come at night?

It is FREEZING here in Gauteng and the worse is still to come.

I’ve also decided that I have to get back on the LCHF wagon properly – I’ve been dabbling in it but I’ve slowly and sneakily gained about 500g’s since Comrades.

  MamaCat wrote @

The LCHF thing is not as easy as all those blogs out there make it seem.
Good Luck with your training and headspace.

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