Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Friday Funk

..I’m not completely over my funk of yesterday, but I feel slightly better.

Thandi had a better afternoon, and it seems like the vom’s have settled down. She is still a little out of sorts, and if I hear another “NO!” out of her mouth, I might just scream. The struggling, emerging independence is quite a thing to watch. She is going to be an incredible young woman one day, and I am so privileged to be watching that develop.

I am tired though, and rather distressed about being on call this weekend. I really am hoping that it is going to be a reasonable weekend. It’s hard to haul yourself out of bed when you are tired, and you know you need some good sleep in the lead up to this half marathon. Oh well, let me be blessed with a good dose of grace this weekend. And let me get my training run in!

And, now, let me talk about the weather. This heat in my neck of the woods is insane! People, it is the middle of winter, and we are hitting 35°C here. It is hot, windy, and we keep waiting for the cold front to arrive. We seem to be waiting in vain. I am so tired of being hot and bothered, it’s winter, I’m supposed to be snuggled in warm clothes, enjoying wintery food. Instead I am battling through my now too big summer clothes, battling to find things I want to eat and sweating as bad as I do in summer through my runs! Yikes!



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  MamaCat wrote @

We get “ek wou nie” and we are not even an Afrikaans family…it pushes pretty close to breaking sometimes. I find it is better to just accept it if you are home and the battle is not really an important one.
Good Luck for the weekend, and I hope we can have an upbeat post from you on Monday.
Enjoy your heat because Pretoria is cold.

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