Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Trail running

So, eat your hearts out, here are my pictures from the runs I did this weekend in the Transkei

084The starting point of a jeep track down to the camp.

086The view from the top of the hill, just before the camp

088My running companions, J, her dog, Cupcake and an ambivalent neighbourhood cow.

089 Some more of the herd.

092Cresting the hill near the river.

094Our drink spot, next to the river…

141And the end of another run, contemplating our almost skinny dip to cool down!

How lucky was I? It was so awesome to run in such perfect conditions, surrounded by the peace of the forest, the crash of the waves on the beach, the local animals perfuming the air and the quiet of the sunset on that river. Incredible!


  runnermum wrote @

Lucky girl! The scenery makes me think of the Wildcoast Wildrun we did a few years back.

  fudgingood wrote @

You make me homesick – these are beautiful photos.

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