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Girl’s night out

…and what fun it was. A couple of the girls went out with DrHF and I last night; we headed to the local tapas bar for some sweet tapas and some wine and great giggles! I have to concede that the tapas was not totally up to scratch, as it usually is, but it was still tasty and fun. We drank lots of delicious wine (probably too much, but hey!) and the evening ended on a very interesting note, with DrHF having messaged one of the only single guys we know and having organized a date for tonight! When we got home we spent an hour or so trawling my cupboard, trying on all sorts of different outfits! So tonight promises to be fun, fun, fun!

Anyway, Friday is starting people! Friday of a long weekend, that I am working… damnit! Best I get started!

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  drhf wrote @

Ha! Thankfully I am mostly anonyomous on this blog. I’ll have to take pics!

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