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Thoughts on illness

…ugh, I am still battling with a bit of the snots and my voice has not yet fully recovered. This really has been a long drawn out viral illness. I am feeling tired, and I know I need a good rest, but that is not about to happen, so I guess, I just have to boost my vitamin C levels and get on with it.

But I always struggle with this. I get exposed to a fair number of germs; I’ve been exposed to a fair number, probably more than the average person, and yes, I reckon my immune system is pretty healthy, but why, oh, why, if I am not a primary care doctor, do people insist on keeping their annual OBGYN appointment when they are sick and snotty or poopy? I am not really the person to treat those things, even, and bear with me here, even if one is pregnant. All these patients end up doing is they sit in my waiting room and office, sneezing and snorting those germs over everyone else! (can you tell this is a long rehearsed rant?)

Our society become so skewed, that we run to a specialist at the drop of a hat, when a general practitioner would be the better person to see. We have taken all the power away from our good old GP’s, it is heart breaking to witness the collapse of the primary care networks; which is exactly what we need to re-establish; so that patients who require specialized care get it as needed; not at the end of a long waiting list. How do we change the nations psyche? Do we re-establish the rules of having a referral to see a specialist? I don’t know.

And until something changes, I’ll keep getting snuffles at the office!


  bebepaulo wrote @

I’ve thought this very same thing. Most of my issues require a specialist (fertility, back issues, ulcer, etc). I don’t even have a GP. My husband and I were just talking about this and wondering why we would even need one.

  charliesbird wrote @

For the odd cold, for the routine checks… those sorta things.

  The Stiletto Mum wrote @

I have stopped using my gp for the following reasons: i have 2 wait 3 days to get a appointment, even if my child has a bad fever that wont go away. So i take her to the pead. Reason 2 im tired of walking in and getting no answers and another dose oc antibiotics that do nothing and in 5 days im back with the same problem.

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