Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Forest meanderings

…were so good! After a very busy Friday at work, we left town later than anticipated, got stuck in the traffic in one of the small towns on the way (totally bizarre) and then we arrived in the, by then, cold mountains. Arriving to a blazing fire, underfloor heating, hot blankets and hot gluwein – fantastic! Because it was really freezing – temperatures heading into the minuses (according to Charlie) We quickly unpacked and headed to one of the local restaurants for dinner, I had an enormous and delicious lamb shank – yummaroo! Then it was home for an attempt at a good sleep to try to dispel my germs, sadly though, they did not depart in the crisp mountain air. The germs ate my voice (in the words of Thandi) and I remained voiceless. So despite having brought my trail running shoes along, I didn’t even get a run in! I needed to recuperate!

Anyway, after a good breakfast we headed off to the plot, to watch Mike and Charlie get stuck into clearing and chopping and chain sawing! Wowee, they got a lot done.030 031 036 037 039

As the morning wore on, the girls got fractious and hungry, so we headed back, leaving the boys there. Once the girls were fed and watered, Thandi had a snooze and I relaxed on the couch. The boys got home, we fed and watered them, then they took the now refreshed girls off for a long walk. I stayed on the couch, bliss! Then it was a feast of a braai for dinner – yummy! And more gluwein! 044

Sunday was decidedly warmer than Saturday, but with a bit of a horrible gusty wind. We returned to the plot, to do some raking, and some more tree felling. I am astounded every time by how much these boys achieve! From felling trees to building organic swings! 048 058 068 075 078

After a lazy lunch, it was time to pack up and head home…


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