Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Getting there

…so, it now really is Thursday, and I only have to get through today and tomorrow morning, then the weekend is here! We are off to the mountains tomorrow, and with this cold front that has moved across the country, we are expecting pretty chilly conditions – yippee! Those us in this neck of the woods seldom get very cold, most of the winter woollies I had when I lived in JHB and Cape Town never got worn and were quickly relegated to the back of the cupboard. So this weekend I may get to haul some of them out. I am really looking forward to escaping for the weekend. Going for some long wintery runs, reading next to a big fire place and sharing some good wine and food with our friends. Being German friends, we are getting prepped for gluwein! Yum!

On the running front I have had some good runs this week – Saturday I did 5km, Monday 10km and yesterday 8km, so I am getting there. It is starting to feel a little easier, and I am enjoying the exertion more and more. Sadly, after Thandi brought some germs home I have also developed the sniffles, but it has really just been confined to a head cold and I have kept up, and felt fine running and training. The little lady is getting better too, she went back to school yesterday, and despite a bit of a loss of her appetite, she seems to be recovering well.

That’s my news for a Thursday, not much I know. Have good ‘almost there’ days, y’all!

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