Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

The joys

..of a quiet weekend on call, tempered by a sick child!

Poor old Thandipants, we had such a busy weekend planned, with dinner with friends on Friday, a birthday party on Saturday and a braai with out of towners on Saturday evening; the girl was stoic! Friday evening she seemed fine. We had a great meal with our friends, a retired OBGYN and his wife, all of 86years young, she played up a storm with their granddaughter, but when we got home, her wheels fell off, and we had a very bad night, with 3 wake ups and accidents in the bed… I didn’t think too much of it, and after I had finished at the office on Saturday morning, we headed to the party and I noticed she was a bit out of sorts which I attributed to her lack of sleep, but the snots were starting. After her usual nap, she ate some lunch which she proceeded to rapidly vomit all over me, and developed a roaring temperature. The joys. During the braai she was ok, she was buoyed up by the panado, but once it wore off she was a very unhappy camper indeed! So it was home, and into another very restless night. Sunday morning she woke up a bit better, but full of snot. Poor girl… We’ve kept her at home today, but I think she will be fine soon! The only problem is now both Charlie and I are feeling a little scratchy, damnit!

So did you all watch that crazy Comrades yesterday? Yowzer, I feel for those runners. Especially the guys near the end – tired, dehydrated, in pain. How they do it, I don’t know. I have to say, while I said I’d never run a marathon, and now I am scheduled to do one, I will never, ever run that race! It is just too far! A couple of people I know ran, and a couple of people I know in the computer ran; it was great to watch them on the tracking apps and see how they were all doing! I take my hat off to you all – inspiration! (And there is nothing like seeing those winners trot along for 89km at a pace faster than I can even run 1km; to make you feel like a lazy bum!)

Anyway, the week awaits!

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