Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Weekend rising the weekend ahead is a working weekend for me. There is quite a bit planned socially, so we will see how it all goes. Thandi has a birthday party to attend on Saturday morning, and there are 2 dinners on Friday evening and Saturday evening. I think I’m going to need a day or 2 to just recover from all of this! Crikey! Hope you all have fun!

In other news, I have been getting some running in, which is still going nicely. I must say, the dark mornings and evenings are putting a spanner in the works though, with me not being able to get out there as easily as I did, for the girl who trains on her own. Oh well. I do know that I am running better than I ever have before, done more mileage than ever before, so I am hoping when that little Knysna half marathon comes along I will run it with confidence and strength! Next step after that is a 21 km trail run in Cape Town in September, and then there will be a few runs in between, I am sure, but Paris in April will be the next big step!

Anyway, before my secretary glares at me, let me get to work!

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