Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…what a weekend! It really is hectic when a certain princess has a birthday! And 3 is such a significant one! Oh my goodness!

The party went off well, with lots of laughter and shrieking! (no tears!) Thandi loved her Minnie Bowtique day – they all made bows (out of cardboard), played on the jungle gym and enjoyed treats and cakes and fruit skewers and pink milk! I had fun preparing everything, but it was an incredible amount of work, with many late nights. I had delicious afternoon naps with Thandi on both Saturday and Sunday. And on Sunday, we also did the great toy clean up. Thandi was so sad to hear that some children didn’t have toys, she was quite happy to share some of her toys with them (although she did want to know their names!) The only downer of the day is that the camera failed us and seems like it has not recorded and saved a single photo. We are taking it to a camera guy today to see, but I ain’t holding my breath! Let it just be said that children’s parties are not for the faint hearted!

20140526-080843-29323856.jpgOne of the other moms managed to snap this picture of the herd of Minnie Mice! (if that’s the collective name for a group of mice?)

Last week was busy, with a trip to Cape Town, some concerted efforts at shopping, some quality time with some good friends, a gorgeous meal out at the Pot Luck Club, then back to work and a hectic time baking and cooking and preparing for aforementioned party! so apologies for a distinct lack of posts!


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  MamaCat wrote @

That sucks, the camera that is.
It is brilliant to see how much effort you put into it, even though you seem to have crazy working hours.

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