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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Waiting in the dark

…the last few weeks are taking their toll on me. I am tired, its been tough, between work, work, more work, training and good old maternal guilt, I am tired. And over the last few days I have seen the dark demons rising up again. I really thought I was further away from the darkness than I now realise I am. I have come so far over the last 6 months, I thought I was ‘safe’, and now I see I’m not. Crikey. I guess too, not having being able to run since Sunday, not getting into the gym yesterday like I usually do, being tired, with very little sleep, work being super busy and stressful; there probably is enough reason for me to be somewhat depressed. But I do hate the feeling.

So today I have a lot of work to get through, then I must go and do some kind of physical jerks, I need those endorphins; then Charlie and I are going to try to get out for a mini date night – we have hardly even spoken to each other this week, and then I need to sleep. God, I need to sleep. Have good Thursdays everyone!

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  charlie wrote @

Yay , date night rocks !!

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