Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Tuesday Morning Moan

…getting into theatre for an emergency case which I booked at 15h30 at 23h00, makes for a tired and grumpy Birdie… ugh!

Anyway, on the positive side, I managed to get quite a lot done for Thandi’s birthday party while I was waiting for the call to go to theatre. Coloring activity sorted, party boxes constructed, table clothes made. Now to finalise some of the décor items, and we’re almost done, then it’s just the foodie items to sort out – waffles, fruit skewers, biscuits and the cake! I hate that I am such an A type that I can’t just relax and let Thandi just have a few mates over, with a couple biscuits and sweets, but hey, those who know me, know that that’s just the way it is with Birdie! Let’s hope she enjoys it! I do actually enjoy all this prep, it’s kinda therapeutic, and I get to indulge some creativity, which I in my career, I don’t often get to do. But, I really do just wish I had more hours in my day!

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