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What weekend?

Crikey, I have had a shocking few days at work! Between all those deliveries, a new cancer diagnosis for a new patient to me, a few serious pregnancy complications, and many, many hours at work and in theatre, I am reeling. I am chuffed that I can still survive a call like that, but you know what, I’d prefer not to. I really am dreading the time when one of my associates stops doing deliveries (did I mention that’s happening at the end of July?) because things will become a whole lot more intense and demanding. Oh well, can’t worry about tomorrow!

In other news, in amidst this crazy weekend, I did get to do a few things that made me happy – I had a quick supper with TAFKAD on Friday night (between trips to the hospital). We ate at the local tapas bar, and really had a special time. I miss my friend so very much, and I am particularly bleak that I was so busy, so couldn’t see her more. The plus side is that I will see her in a mere 3 weeks time again! Yay! When I head to CT for a congress. I also got to see my family, albeit briefly on Saturday night. Charlie was a saint, and organised a pizza evening at ours – he did everything – sourced the best pizza bases in town, shopped for ingredients, prepared the toppings, lit the fire, built the pizzas and baked them – he then popped a leg of Sprinbgbok into the pizza oven to slow roast overnight – yum! Sadly, for me, the family left on Sunday, I miss them already!

I also managed to get to a 15km race I wanted to run. For a while, I thought I wouldn’t, but with some schedule jostling, a kind 2 hours of cover from a colleague, a very early morning rise to do rounds before the run, I got there. And I did well (for me)! The last time I did this race was 2 years ago, and I hated it, if I remember correctly I was crying by the end. This time I finished with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, shaving 22 minutes off my last 15km time (2 months ago). I am so chuffed! Look out Knysna, I’m coming to get you!

So here is to a calmer week, good running and some time with my little family! Enjoy yours!


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  runnermum wrote @

Goodness what a busy weekend. Well done on running that 15 instead of staying in bed for a while longer.

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