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A very exciting thing

…has happened to me this evening. Last week I was browsing the Book of Faces, when a page recommendation popped up – the Paris Marathon. Having just followed another blogger’s journey to this marathon, I took a closer look. Turns out I was just in time to enter my name into the lucky draw for an entry – the results of the draw were due yesterday, and when I had heard nothing, I assumed it was all over. I wandered over to the London Marathon page, which had just yesterday opened it’s lucky draw for entries, only to discover that, in record time, all the draw tickets were taken. Bah, humbug, clearly it wasn’t meant to be…

Except when I was checking my email this evening, I discovered an email, telling me I had indeed been lucky in the draw, and I have now secured my place for the Paris Marathon 2015! So 12 April 2015, we will be in Paris for a trot around the burbs! Paris in Springtime! My first marathon! My 40th birthday! So exciting! (although saying that I will probably be pooping myself tomorrow, when I consider the training I will have to do!)


  runnermum wrote @

I also got an entry but then I saw the entry fee and balked at the idea of forking out 99 Euro’s – and then obviously Hubby didn’t enter and didn’t get an entry so I’ll do it again next year and enter his name as well and hopefully both of us will get one.

Don’t worry about the training – with a goal like that you’ll just do it!

  countesskaz wrote @

meant to be…enjoy Paris. love it there.

  Alexandra wrote @

How awesome – definitely meant to be!

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