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Easter wishes

…for happiness, fun, good running (for those running the 2 oceans) and chocolate.

On a more serious note though, I went to a Holy week service at church on Tuesday evening, and the theme was the Stations of the Cross. Jesus’s arrest, interrogation, torture, trial, sentencing and then dramatic sentencing and execution. It was a difficult service to sit through, and I guess my mother’s instinct kicked in, and I spent a lot of time thinking about Mary, about what an horrific experience it must have been to watch her beloved boy go through that. It was the first time my maternal eyes gazed on the cross. And then in another part of my brain sat another man, sitting, broken in the dock having made it through a harrowing cross examination, as he faces a nation’s condemnation, without his own mom. It’s the first time I am raising Oscar here, and I guess that’s because I have no opinion on the merits of the case. I don’t know if he shot Reeva on purpose or by accident, and I suppose, to me, it doesn’t really matter, but seeing him go through this trial, and so very publicly, without a mom to hold him tight; to see him so so broken – God, it’s horrific – and I can’t help seeing some vague similarities to a trail some 2000 years ago…

On a lighter note, the weekend is almost upon us – tomorrow we head to the mountains for a day, to cut some trees down, work on some overgrown paths and to have a picnic. For the rest of the weekend we will kick off our shoes at home and relax. Sunday we have a luncheon planned with friends and family, Thandi will have her friend Charlotte to play with and search for Easter eggs, yippee! I hope to get some good runs in and have some quality time with my slightly neglected feeling husband – sorry, love, it’s been a crazy crazy week! I wish you all a very safe and blessed time over this weekend, and let us remember the sacrifice of that man on the cross; his devastated mother and the promise of a new day.


  runnermum wrote @

Shew never thought about the Oscar trail like that – you gave me some food for thought.

Flying to CT tonight to run Two Oceans on Saturday – really looking forward to it.

  MamaCat wrote @

I have never thought about the mother like that before….Enjoy Easter.

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