Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Friday fail!

….all I can say is thank the pope it isn’t Monday, because if this was how my week began, I think I would have just taken to my bed and hibernated!

Seriously. Charlie woke up with a ever so slight grump, which Thandi then grew into an enormous funk – not wanting to eat breakfast, not wanting to put shoes on, not listening, and then wailing when she got reprimanded. Finally they left for school, and I could get myself sorted for work. Except the shake I made for my lunch spilt all over me as I was getting into the car, and now I sit here with the waft of milk rising from my dress (and we know in a few hours it will be a sour milk smell – ugh), something else has leaked in my gym bag, or car, because that is damp – the water bottle is not the culprit, as I assumed, I checked and it is empty and sealed. And because of all this drama I left for work late, got stuck in traffic and am just not really keen on this day.


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  charlie wrote @

grumpetty grump grump ! sorry love , was possibly the ssslllliiiigght wine headache …..
hope the morning has regained its fridayness by now ?

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