Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

The result

…of all this sabotage that has happened is a very frustrated, sad and weepy birdy.  If I don’t get some endorphins in today, I fear I will collapse in a puddle of mucousy tears as I wail and beat myself. Please, dear god, let me get that run in!

In other news I had a really scary experience this morning, while driving to work. I fear I was about to become the victim of a road rage incident. A guy very nearly drove me off the road this morning (trying to squeeze between my car (in the left hand lane) and the slower guy who was driving in the fast lane), and when I pulled over to calm my shaking nerves down, I saw he had pulled over too, so I quickly got back into the traffic, only to have him pass me and gesticulate and wave angry fingers at me. He preceeded me onto the highway, and when I realised he seemed to be waiting for me, I drove very slowly and carefully, taking the next off ramp (fortunately, my usual one) but the shakes and pounding heart stayed with me a bit. It was very damn scary.

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