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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Mean Mommy

…when you leave for work, and the little girl wails, with real tears coursing down her cheeks, ‘But why must you go to work, Mommy? You can take me to swimming, not Daddy!’, ‘Because Mommy must help the ladies, girly’ (swallowing hard) ‘But I need you Mommy.’ ‘I need you too, my baby, but I will see you later, after work’  And I walk away, as she cries and the remains of her teary kiss dry on my cheek… My heart breaks a little more every time.

And to top it off, I gave her a flu vaccine yesterday, and boy, oh boy, did she shout about that – not quite loudly enough to disguise the noise of my heart shattering though.


  MamaCat wrote @

We all go there every so often. Your heart can never get used to, or at least mine has not. Be kind to yourself too .

  charlie wrote @

not mean , you are the best Mom that little girl could wish for . We are lucky peeps , me and Thandi !

  Alexandra wrote @

You’re not mean. Don’t go down that road. While you may not be able to take her swimming, you are a great mother. And when she is older she will respect you for being a great doctor too.

  charliesbird wrote @

Thanks for all the kind words. I really do struggle with the balance between working breadwinner and mom.

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