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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Weekend frustrations was the ok of times, it was the not so ok of times; this weekend that is. Between a trip to the theatre, a run and no power, it was a mix of emotions.

So Friday night we went to the theatre, after showing our faces at a housewarming party of one of Charlie’s friends. The party was chilled. The theatre was excellent. We saw Pieter Dirk Uys doing a walk through his old shows and characters. Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout even made an appearance. The man is brilliant, a consummate professional, an entertainer par excellence. We laughed, we shrieked, we squirmed. ‘Hypocrisy is the vaseline of political intercourse’ – a quotable quote if ever I heard one. As the curtain fell, we headed home for a relatively early night, for Saturday morning I ran a 10 km race.

And I was soooooo chuffed. I ran 10km without stopping to walk at all. Not even up the numerous hills on the route. And I finished in 68 minutes, which is my best finish on a 10 km ever. An improvement on the 10 I did in January by about 12 minutes. Yay! It’s working. Finally I can feel the effects of my training paying off. And with another 14 weeks to the Knysna half marathon, hopefully I will achieve my goal of 2 hours.

The rest of Saturday was easy going – a bit of shopping, a bit of a nap, a tasty supper for Charlie and I at home and an early night. Until we awoke on Sunday morning to no power. Our municipality was doing maintenance on our very seldom switched off circuit (we’re on the same circuit as the sewerage works and the local vehicle manufacturer – understandable why they seldom turn us off then). And it was off all day. From 06h00 to about 19h30. No tea, no coffee, no cooking, no creativity in the kitchen, which was what was planned for my day… Damnit. I got sooo frustrated! I have to concede I got grumpier and grumpier, and then I just got irritated by myself. I cannot seem to switch off the frustration and make the best of a play day with my daughter. In effect, spoiling everybody else’s fun too, because they have a bear with a sore head grumping in the corner.. I am my own worst enemy sometimes!

Anyway, it’s work time now. Have glorious weeks!

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  runnermum wrote @

Well done on your 10km race. Ohhh I so badly want to do the Knysna marathon but logistics are against it. Will have to wait for Zoe to turn 18.

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