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Quarterly review

…as my Nespresso descales itself melodiously in the background here, I’ve been thinking about my year thus far. It is 3 months in, and what do I have to show for it?

  • A better body – its trimmer, and healthier. I have lots 10,5 kg’s, a good few centimetres and improved my fitness – a lot! I never dreamed I cold run a half marathon with less than 3 months of decent training under the belt, but I did. I certainly am feeling better about myself and I am enjoying seeing the fruits of my labour. I am probably about half way in terms of where my weight should be, so I am not slowing down or easing off yet.
  • An improved diet – we are eating better than we have in a very long time. Eating ‘clean’, ‘healthy’, ‘fresh’ food. If its been processed, I don’t feel much desire to eat it. I have been largely following a LCHF approach, and have recently started adding in more raw food, pushing my carbohydrate intake up a bit, but enjoying the journey and finding a path that is going to be sustainable for me in the long run. I have still only had gluten once since January, and everyday I am grateful for that.
  • A bit of interior design – I have taken on our family beach house and am doing some redecorating. So far we have new curtains, new pictures and soon there will be some new linens and décor items. I also want to find some replacement bedside tables. In the same spirit, I am awaiting new curtains for or spare room at home – making things pretty!
  • Thandi has settled in well at her playschool. In fact she is a bit perturbed by these ‘holidays’! I am so glad I have a polite, well adjusted little girl, who is easy going, fun to be around and is learning up a storm!

On the negative side – well, there always is a downer for those ups.

  • I’ve battled my depression demons these last few months. Every now and again they have gotten the better of me, and I have done and said things that have hurt people. I bite my tongue so often, occasionally I slip, and then I feel so damn foolish.
  • I am still working on Thandi’s photobooks – year 1 is done, year 2 is almost done and year 3 must begin soon! I am a bit slow here. I relly need to focus on some of my crafty things, maybe I need to find an at class or something again…
  • I am still not pregnant (yes, I know, this one isn’t exactly under my control, but my ovaries are not playing ball this year.)
  • I do not have a holiday planned yet! (this is starting to freak me out!)

And how is your year going so far?


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  MamaCat wrote @

It gives one perspective to write down things in this manner. One realises life is not all bad, and you can find the strength to get through the not so nice bits.
You make me think back on my year so far and I have to say it has been more good than bad.

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