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Dietary woes

… you know, for 2 and a half months now I have been fairly religious on diet. I occasionally have a glass of wine, occasionally a raw chocolate (sugar free), occasionally a carb free, sugar free treat. And even less occasionally a dessert. But all in all, I have counted calories, I have exercised, I have been good; and then my hormones go and throw me a curve ball. I am day 4 today and have gained nearly 2 kgs in like 3 days. Man oh man, is that frustrating! I have been monitoring my centimetre loss too, and it’s nice to see that going down, but, I don’t know about you, I need to see those improving numbers on the scale, damnit! Anyway, I’ll just keep plodding along and we will see where I get to.

On that note, being day 4, I guess I should give you an update. For the last 3 cycles now I have not been able to start stimulating my ovaries. For various reasons my body is just not playing ball. In a last ditch attempt to get things under control, my doctor has started me on the pill for 2 weeks, and then we will see what my ovaries have then done, and see if we could get off the ground. Charlie and I are preparing ourselves for a negative outcome, and we are getting closer to a place of acceptance. If that’s really ever possible. I really do hope though that my healthier living and weight loss will stand me in good stead. I am trying…

On the dietary front, a new recipe for today appears on the Foodie Files page – I made a cauliflower crust pizza last night – yum! Not bread, couldn’t taste the cauliflower and it was tasty! Check it out!

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