Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Random ramblings

…have you ever noticed what a strange word garage is. There are so many ways to pronounce it, it has a rather strange sound, totally weird. Totally random, but these were the sort of things I was thinking about on the way to work this morning. And at 4h30 this morning when I woke up… not able to sleep again… *yawn*

My brain will not rest! last night I was exhausted, but I ended up looking at various raw food recipes, green juice ideas and when I looked again, it was 22h30! I really am my own worst enemy sometimes! Although I did enjoy my food research, I’ll admit. I have a shopping list of note for this afternoon – looking forward to some new flavours this weekend, and some more when my dehydrator arrives! Yay!

I also spent part of the evening worrying about the half marathon I’m running on Sunday – 21.1km is very far, you know… And I’m very slow, so 3 hours (give or take – take please, take) on my legs sounds very long… Oh well. It’s better than sitting on the couch! And at least there aren’t too many hills on the route, compared to last weekend’s run.

Anyway I must work, chat on the flipside!

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