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the one about pets

…so I’ve ranted before, I think about pets. But I feel the need again.

So this morning Charlie discovers that one of our neighbours’ cats has settled into our garage and used it as a bathroom. And seriously, that’s gross. I appreciate that cats are possibly harder to control than dogs, but forgive me if I have a minor freak out.

I choose NOT to have pets because I think they are way too much responsibility – responsibility that I am not prepared to take. They need feeding, they need washing and brushing and grooming, they need exercise, they need attention. When you go away, they need taking care of. They need training and they need to be cleaned up after. And it’s not just their excrement; their hair, the dust, sand and mud they bring into houses and deposit on furniture all needs cleaning. And I’m afraid to say, if you don’t or don’t want to take on those responsibilities, then you shouldn’t have a pet. In fact, I’d go as far as calling you abusive, if you have a pet and are not prepared to do all of those things. It’s simply not fair on the pet.

I’m really tired of watching my neighbours and their pets. They seem to always be wandering around, seldom get walked (with occasional exceptions, and then often by the gardener) are scruffy and grimy, and they poop on my lawn, in my garage, and in my garden where Thandi plays. I don’t want the responsibility of my own pet, why would I want yours – cleaning up my yard offends me; but keeping my daughter caged in offends me more.

Forgive the rant, but It’s been building for a while. And if I at least make one person think about the care they give their pets, then good. If I make one soul rethink a decision to buy their little people a puppy or a kitten sans responsibilities, then good. Here endeth my lesson for the day.


  countesskaz wrote @

the cat will continue to use your garage as a toilet, so sprinkle pepper on the said area. They hate it. You just have to do it for a few weeks until they find an alternative spot. Mission I know and also a pain in the bum. Thats why I dont have cats. My friends cat used to spray on her toaster, she said the smell was something terrible. She obviously didnt use the toaster.

But dogs I love.

  Alexandra wrote @

Now I have a cat but all the reasons above are exactly why I don’t have a dog. I so totally get you on this but people think I’m weird for not wanting a dog.

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