Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…so this weekend I did my second longest run in more than 6 years. I last did a half marathon in 2006, and since then the longest run I have done is 15km (which was 2 years ago), yesterday I did 12.5km, and didn’t feel like I might die! Progress! I’m running really slowly, so I am not about to break records or anything like that, but I am feeling better about myself. It’s still flipping hard work though, and hills are still my nemesis, but I am tackling them, and making better progress on them these days.

Aside from running, this weekend I had a wonderful date with Charlie, it was such a lovely evening, and a chance to reconnect, after lots of other stuff and other activities. I have a wonderful husband! Thandi had a playdate on Saturday morning, and then a visit with her Gran in the afternoon. Saturday night saw us having burgers with mates. Sunday, between my running etc, Thandi had a breakfast date with Charlotte, and then a great time swimming with us. All in all, a social weekend, but one that was easy and low stress! Hope you all had fun!

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