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Dear Thandigirl

007My precious girl

You woke up this morning, clearly on the wrong side of your bed. You were grizzly and miserable. Crying with big crocodile tears for minor slights – I mean, how dare Daddy go to the bathroom while you were watching Mickey Mouse? And I left for work sad and with some trepidation. I just want my girl to be happy. I know it’s probably an unrealistic goal, and every day can’t be happy, because that isn’t what the world is like. But it broke my heart to see you so unhappy this morning. So un-Thandi. I tried to make it better, when you came upstairs when I was brushing my hair, we sat together on my bed, and I ran my brush through your unruly curls. They shone afterwards, your curls, and for a moment you seemed yourself; reverting to another meltdown when the chair was too high or some other little thing bothered you. Hot miserable tears.

I love you my girl, and I wish for songs in your heart and smiles on your face. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day. I always want better days for you.

Love you to infinity and beyond, the moon and back, forever and ever…


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  charlie wrote @

the early morning grizzly stuff is possibly from Daddy ! cant argue with the genes ……..
she Has brightened considerably in the meantime !

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