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…for a half marathon. I am trying to get back into running. I used to run so reasonably (note I didn’t say well), and I enjoy it (I know, I know, crazy talk!) and I am trying hard. I have gotten myself a running coach, and he has certainly taken some of the guess work out of it all for me. I used to just go out, run, get sweaty and hot, come home and that was that. Now I run at different paces and monitor my heart rate and all that jazz. I’m not saying it’ll make me a better runner, but I am enjoying it, and it certainly does my brain the world of good. I also find while I am distracted by the pacing and all that jazz, I tend to not notice that I am actually running. Saying that, the dark dog of depression is hanging about my head at the moment. I have told him that he isn’t welcome, yet he persists. While running has been my therapy, it has made it very hard to convince myself of my capabilities. I run for a bit, then my brain tells me I can’t possibly be doing that, and then I run a bit further and brain just says no ways! So it has been a constant battle. A battle I don’t enjoy. On Friday I hit the treadmill, stupidly I had forgotten my earphones, so had no distraction, other than the bad dance music they play in the gym, and after 10 minutes my body quit. I was about to cry from sheer exhaustion, and I called it quits. Saturday I went back (again without the headphones, damnit!) and I finally did most of the run I was supposed to. It took all my mental strength, it was hard, but I beat my brain that day. I really hope I keep beating my brain, and that dark dog.

(PS I added a new recipe to the foodie file!)


  charlie wrote @

the hard work is starting to pay dividends !

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

well done babe, j and I were just chatting and she said your weight loss has inspired her a bit 🙂 you and c are the bizzness

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